JAM JOPP was once a freelance artist working professionally in the fields of illustration, graphic design, advertising, comic books, murals, live drawing and fine art. Then he had a sudden change of mind and found himself studying business economics. He thought it's time to get rich or die tryin'!

Unsurprisingly, not much later he didn't really care about wealth and began to draw again.


↑ my life in 4 pictures

2016-20XX Freelance Illustrator, Bern
2016-20XX Communication & Public Relations, Blaser Café AG. Bern
2016 Bachelor of Science in Business Economics,
Bern University of Applied Sciences
2010-2016 Commercial Clerk, University of Applied Sciences
Northwestern Switzerland, Aarau
2009-2012 Freelance Illustrator, Strapazin Atelier, Zürich
2009 Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication - Fictional
Illustration, The Lucerne School of Art and Design
2005 Higher School Certificate, Alte Kantonsschule Aarau
2003 Commercial College Diploma, Wirtschaftsmittelschule Aarau
1984 born in Singapore